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Great Books I   Fall 2019

The Bacchae

"I'm only a man. I don't belittle the divine."

Followers of Pentheus

Followers of Bacchus

Dionysus | Forster English

  November 25

Read the Entire Play Aloud

What is Dionysusí agenda in coming to Thebes?

Why are women the first to become bacchanals?

What dualities are operating in this play? What do these dualities accomplish? What do they symbolize?

Who is the most tragic character in the work?

Where is the turning point in this work?

December 2

Read the Entire Play (again)

What is the thesis of this work? 

Why does Pentheus die? Why must he die? 

Which virtues and vices are demonstrated by Pentheus, Dionysus, Agave, Tiresias?

What lesson about the role of the gods in the lives of mortals is being taught by this play?

Whose character is most tragic?

   December 5

Course Review & Loose Ends

Paper #3 is due December 12, 23:59