Great Books II   Spring 2017

  Reading Questions  

February 6




Dante - Inferno

Read one Canto aloud each day.



Focus on IX - XI

  1. Why is the bridge broken in the sixth circle of the Malabolgia?

  2. What is Dante teaching us about fraud by the architecture of this region?

  3. Why is hypocrisy at the cusp of the Malabolgia? What do the sins of fraud above hypocrisy have in common?

  4. What is at the root of each group of sins: incontinence, of violence, simple fraud, and complex fraud.
  5. Explicate the contrapasso of the sowers of scandal and schism.





  1. What affect does Monica's death have on Augustine?
  2. In his dialogue "Meno", Plato says: "There is no teaching, but only recollection." What would Augustine say about this statement?
  3. Why are we lost? What is the root problem?
  4. What is the relationship between self and memory?
  5. Does Augustine ever experience contrapasso?
  6. Why are the issues of time and creation important to Augustine?
  7. See T.S.Eliot - How would Augustine respond?