Great Books II   Spring 2017
  Reading Questions  

January 19




Focusing on V-XI

NOTE: Read one Canto per day, aloud.


Augustine (III-IV)
  1. How does Minos symbolize hell?

  2. Explicate the sin and punishment of Paolo & Francesca.

  3. What is at the core of the weight shared by the misers and prodigals?

  4. What is at the core of the common problem/issue shared by the wrathful and slothful?

  5. Why are these pairs adjacent to one another in the fourth circle?

  6. How are each of the following a "Medusa"?   9.11.01, pornography, money, anger, fear, incontinence, desire.

  7. Why is heresy between incontinence and violence?


  1. How can confession involve both praise and sin?
  2. Interpret Monica's vision.
  3. Formulate an Augustinian definition for sin and its consequences.
  4. Can God be our friend?