Great Books II   Spring 2017
  Reading Questions  

January 26



Read one Canto aloud each day.


Augustine (VII-VIII)
Focus on XIV-XVII
  1. Explicate each contrapasso in circle 7: blasphemers, usurers, & sodomites.

  2. Why is sodomy a sin of violence?

  3. What are the obsessions for fame - i.e. immortality project - for each of the following groups:  Heretics, Suicidals, Sodomites.

  4. Why is hell round?

  1. Do the "pick up and read" simulation for yourself.
  2. How is sin the same as suffering?
  3. Must sin precede praise as confession?
  4. Identify all things that may precede praise and how they come about. Draw a picture.
  5. Describe the influence of each of Augustine's mentors &/or experiences on his spiritual journey.
  6. Based on Augustine's experience, what steps must be present in order for conversion to occur? What are the essentials?
  7. Why does God allow evil in the world?