Great Books II - Spring 2017

Reading Questions


March 20


"Transhumanize" -- it cannot be explained

per verba, so let this example serve

until God's grace grants the experience.


it is necessary for a prince to have the friendship of the people;

otherwise he has no remedy in times of adversity

Dante - Paradiso - Read Through Canto IV

Bring Paradiso & your own questions


Machiavelli - Finish the Work

Bring your own questions.

and, Read This Letter.

Paradiso - Luca Signorelli - Orvieto Cathedral



Essay #2

Your second essay is due Tuesday March 28 at 5:00 p.m. - to be delivered in hard copy to my office. Write on the following: A problem or issue that is common to both Boethius & Machiavelli*. In addition, you must make at least one reference to some part of Dante, any part.


*You might consider topics such as happiness, goodness, power, fortune, good/evil, fate/providence, free will, identity, image/reality ...