Great Books II - Spring 2020

Reading Questions


April 6


"Transhumanize" -- it cannot be explained

per verba, so let this example serve

until God's grace grants the experience.



Prefaces & Freedom of a Christian

Dante - Paradiso - Read Through Canto XVIII

Bring Paradiso & your own questions


  1. Bring your own "Last Will and Testament" to class.

  2. What problem is Luther trying to solve in the Romans Preface for each of the following:  law, sin, grace, faith, righteousness, flesh, and spirit?

  3. How can faith be a kind of work?

  4. How do we know whether someone is righteous?

  5. How can I be free if I am to serve everyone?

  6. What is the role of reason in obtaining freedom?


Paradiso - Luca Signorelli - Orvieto Cathedral