Great Books IV Spring 2021

The Origin of Species - Charles Darwin

Natura non facit saltum

Reading/Discussion/Leadership Schedule

April 22:I, II, III, IV - Teams TBD ; April 26: V-VII, XV - Teams TBD

April 22

  1. In what ways do each of the following illustrate the concepts of Variation and the Struggle for Existence:  the Internet, Cloning, Political Processes, Feminism, Flu Season, Slavery, Aids Virus, Seed Varieties.
  2. Add your own entries to the above list.
  3. What is the most critical factor affecting variation?
  4. Why is there a struggle for existence?
  5. What does unconscious natural selection look like?
  6. Why is death important to Darwin's theory?

April 26 - Bring an example of Darwin's Theory of Evolution from your major or from a recent issue of the NYT

  1. Which refutations of Darwin's Theory are most difficult, according to Darwin?
  2. Read up on Intelligent Design.
  3. Give an example of a process where evolution is wholly absent.
  4. WHY is Darwin's work so controversial?
  5. What is the root problem?
  6. How does Darwin address the problem?


The Evolution of Technology