The bloom covered hill

Paint on the charcoal canvas

Beauty from the ash

Asian Great Books Spring 2019


Glittering ocean

the tide washes away the

memories of past.

Wednesday tomorrow

No class, no work, just convo

A nice day ahead.


Words softly spoke

Mind meditating quiet like

Lights!, burning brightly


Why are you so empty, cold

Ugh! time to doordash

Sea Breeze through hair

Salt and brine waft in my nose

Sun heat warming me

Lone boy lieds motionless,

She takes him in, wipes his mouth -

And spreads his disease.


Shadows below eyes,

Enchantment dissipated -

A college student.


Leaves of powder pink

Leaves party with her mother

A Greek tragedy.

Don't tilt it forward

Hold with one hand what you thought

Break the hourglass


With what you can see

When the moon's light is dimming

But look to the lake

Paper grabbing it -

Ach! slit - need to be careful

the next time I grab


Snap, pop, crack, shatter -

Scream into sand as I land.

Turned over, thick clouds.