Asian Great Books Spring 2022
Death, Sacrifice, & Devotion

January 21

Teachings I-VI

  1. How is Arjuna to understand and deal with death?

  2. What dualities are present in the poem?

  3. How are we to read the poem on each of the following levels: literal, allegorical, moral, and anagogical?

  4. What teaching seems to be hardest for Arjuna?

  5. What is the key teaching of Krishna that gets Arjuna to act?




January 25 

Teachings VII-XII

Bring your own questions

 January 28

Teachings XIII -XVIII

  1. Formulate the Hindu definition of heroism, as a function of this work.

  2. Which characters in the Ramayana are NOT heroic? Who is the most heroic?

  3. Create a diagram to depict the cosmology of the Hindu religion.

  4. Which Hindu virtue/s is/are missing from among the following: justice, wisdom, temperance, courage, faith, hope, and love?

  5. Where is the line between human power and celestial power?

  6. What is the most important lesson for Arjuna?

  7. What is your favorite quartet in the work?