Asian Great Books Spring 2022
  The Analects of Confucius  
To be silent and understand, to learn without tiring, never to weary of teaching others - this much I can do.

February 1

Books 1-7

  1. Why is Confucius considered to be wise?
  2. What are the Confucian Virtues, and how are we to achieve them?
  3. How do the Analects agree/conflict with Hindu wisdom?
  4. Identify favorite/difficult aphorisms.
  5. Be prepared to write your own Analect statements, based on your own experience.


February 4

Books 8-14

What are the Analects of Our Class


February 8

Books 15-20

We will continue to focus on Confucian Virtue and comparisons with Hindu wisdom.

Be prepared to lead the discussion of your assigned chapter.