Asian Great Books Spring 2022
  Ramayana PDF  
Exile, Transformation, and Return

January 11

Read through p. 32

Identify critical moments and events.

The Great Books Foundation defines an interpretive question as one that has more than one answer and which can be supported with evidence from the text.

Bring Two Interpretive Questions based on today's reading.

January 14

Read through p. 105

  1. Rama's journey is a kind of "curriculum" providing for his "education". What courses is he taking?

  2. Describe the archetype of each of the main characters of the story. For example: Dasaratha might represent wisdom.

  3. Which events in Rama's life are most significant?

  4. What is the greatest moment in his character development?

  5. What makes Rama so great and bigger than life?

  6. Devise two good interpretive questions for class discussion.

 January 18

Finish the work

  1. Loose Ends from January 22.
  2. Pearls of Hindu Wisdom from the work.
  3. Rama's Code of Ethics.
  4. Rama's ultimate purpose, quest, or calling.
  5. Why was Rama victorious? Why was Ravana defeated?
  6. Is Rama's treatment of Sita justified?
  7. Bring an interpretive question for class for discussion.
  8. Tat Tvam Asi