October 22, 2003


Dear Florence-Bound-Colleague:


In a few short weeks you will be heading for Florence, Italy to participate in a seminar on Faith, Learning and Vocation.  As a part of that experience, we invite you to engage in a reflective process about your own calling.  A copy of the instructions for this exercise is attached.  We encourage you to begin thinking about this assignment as your trip to Florence approaches. 


Your participation is important because it will provide a rich source of information for the Voyage Project Steering Committee and for the research and assessment activities that Cindy Miller-Perrin and I are conducting in conjunction with the Lilly Endowment grant. As a part of this project, we would like you to complete this assignment by January 16, 2004.


Please contact either me or Cindy if you have any further questions.  Thank you for participating in this important project.  We hope your experience is memorable. Buon Viaggio!


Don Thompson  (thompson@pepperdine.edu) (x4831)

Cindy Miller-Perrin (cperrin@pepperdine.edu) (x4027)